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Made in Italy
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Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross Boots in Black Ash - Sidi Motocross Enduro Boots & Accessories at MD Racing Products the UK's off road distributor for many leading off road Brands.

Sidi presents The Sidi Crossfire 3, The 3rd Generation of the No1 Off Road Boot. Crossfire 3 SRS is the evolution of the motocross boot which has won more awards than any other footwear in the off-road sector. To produce this remarkable item, the Sidi team made full use of all of its experience, professionalism and passion, combining research from the people who work in our laboratories with the feedback coming from our champions on the race tracks.

The SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS Boots have been completely redesigned, with only the acclaimed SIDI cam lock buckles and straps carrying over from the Crossfire 2 SRS Boots. The new inner gaiter has a larger circumference than the Crossfire 2, accommodating an even wider range of calf sizes and making for a tight seal around the rider’s lower leg no matter what knee brace system may be used.

In a race, when you are testing the limits, the difference lies in the details. Boots are an essential element since they are the main connection between the body and the bike, between man and machine. The boot must be sensitive, in order to best assist the movements of the feet; yet they must also be robust, to protect the foot from impacts and falls, all while remaining light and comfortable to wear. Performance starts here!

The brand new Crossfire 3 is manufactured in "TehnoMicro" and it is equipped with PU protections.  Both the tongue of the inner last with internal gusset and the back joints are padded with a closed-cell material, to avoid water and sweat absorption.  The tip of the boot is entirely covered by plastic protection panels enriched by a geometric embossed design for more grip.

The Sidi Crossfire3 SRS represents the evolution of the Crossfire and Crossfire2 boot which in past years has managed to stand out at the most victorious and multi-titled footwear in the off-road sector, thanks to the extraordinary enterprises of Tony Cairoli and other Sidi champions.

"SRS" stands for “Sole Replacement System” making it possible to replace the soles of these boots. Not only are the soles replaceable, but all other boot parts as well - all done with standard tools.  The Crossfire 3 SRS system includes the brand new dovetail system and 4 screws for more safety.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boot features:

  • New ankle pivot system designed to have a hard limit of foot/ankle hyperextension.
  • New sole boat features a more cupped and thicker design so the rider’s foot rests deeper into the sole system.
  • New Dovetail SR anti-skid rubber sole covers the arch area of the sole and is replaceable using hand tools.
  • Toe and heel areas on the Dovetail SR sole are now a permanent part.
  • Laminated Technomicro base material in all areas.
  • Slim, cool non-bootie design.
  • Calf plate system features an inner double adjustment that expands to fit the largest calf or knee brace system.
  • Nylon insole.
  • Inner heat shield made of high grip material.
  • Removable arch support.
  • Toe area covered in protective plastic.
  • New rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel hold the riders foot firm and thus resists twisting while offering added protection.
  • Replaceable, sleek, micro adjustable cam lock buckle system with memory retention nylon straps.
  • All buckles move independently of each other and have just one fixed point (by a screw) which allows easy closure and the buckles can adapt to the rider’s. position as they pivot on the mounting screw as the rider changes position on the bike.
  • Lower buckle guards help protect against opening due to an impact.
  • Complete central strap system can be easily replaced and is available in two sizes.
  • Lined with anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area for comfort, the upper is lined with Teflon mesh which prevents complete absorption of water and sweat. These materials will not retain water or sweat on the inside of the boot. The boot will dry quickly and the treatment also prevents the onset of mold.
  • All bolt-on parts are replaceable.
  • Sidi patented replaceable shin plate.
  • Malleolus external plastic guard with ergonomic closed cell foam padding internally to enhance protection of those tender small foot bones.
  • Innovative Dual Flex System upper offers the industry’s best fit, especially with knee braces.
  • Replaceable inner kick starter/foot peg nylon guard on the inside area of both boots.
  • Boot leg is fully assembled with screws, is stitch-free and entirely replaceable.

Sidi Crossfire3 SRS Dovetail Sole features:

  • The new interchangeable sole has an innovative design and a revolutionary replaceable system. Design and technology are Sidi patented.
  • The shell, with a more aggressive look, is slightly higher for more grip.
  • Tip and heel are fixed, while the central part, subject to wear and tear, is replaceable.
  • The tip has a special pattern made of tiny grooves for more grip, perfect for Enduro too.
  • The heel has a fixed soft PU insert which provides more stability and makes the boot less slippery.
  • The central part of the sole is made with a rubber insert with a brand new dovetail system and 4 screws for more safety.
  • Functional design for the speciality.

Rider's who know motocross know SIDI!
Mud, sand, dust ... there is no terrain or condition in which the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Boot collection cannot perform. Technology, innovation, advanced materials
and attractive design are the perfect mix that characterizes SIDI OFFROAD boots. Each year the greatest motocross and enduro athletes in the world help us to
create the ultimate off road boots.

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Made in Italy
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