UFO Morpho FIT Neon Yellow Knee Brace Pair

UFO - Morpho Fit Knee Brace - PairUfo Plast Morpho Fit, a product Made entirely in Italy r... Read full details
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UFO - Morpho Fit Knee Brace - Pair

Ufo Plast Morpho Fit, a product Made entirely in Italy representing a new and innovative conceptual response in the range of jointed braces for knee protection in sport.

The result of careful, constructive cooperation between Alberto Barozzi Concept, Tek Neg (engineering) and the UFO PLAST technical staff, which made it possible to develop a product that embraces a number of technical and functional factors, including:

  • Ergonomic structure with high-performance structure characteristics made from a special plastic polymer.
  • Total containment of the knee joint thanks to the Morpho Fit system:

              - medial and lateral collateral ligament support
              - anterior and posterior cruciate ligament support
              - patella protection;

  • Proper size adjustment thanks to the special, intuitive adjustments available;
  • Adjustable condyle pads, made of a spherical support of various thickness for perfect containment of the joint, also as regards rotation. CPSO (Condyle Pad Spheric Orientation);
  • Tibial support in two versions can be adjusted, with reference to the subjective morphologic structure of the tibia, for correct adaptation and comfort. TOP (Tibia Orientation Position);
  • Adjustable containment system for the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). ACLSS (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Support System);
  • Medial and lateral collateral ligament containment;
  • Sealed stainless steel structural four-sided joint, for a correct relationship between translation and rotation of the joint and the best integration in the knee flexion-extension movement;
  • Structural patella cup for effective impact dissipation, thereby limiting the direct impact on the patella;
  • Telescopic upper structure to protect the rectus femoris - vastus medialis and sartorius muscle.
  • Adjustable 4-point leg-fastening system for correct positioning.
  • Stoppers to limit hyperextension with variations.


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