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The UFO Cruiser Headlight is a very lightweight headlight with a new streamlined design and is made exclusively of polypropylene, which increases both its life and its resistance to adverse weather conditions. This Motorcycle Headlight by UFO can be easily fixed to any machine and comes complete with a 12V/35W lamp.

The UFO Cruiser Headlight is an excellent upgrade or addition to your bike. It features a powerful H4 halogen lamp, allowing the headlight to be bright and clear. If you're looking for an incredible aftermarket headlight at a superb price, the UFO Cruiser Headl ight is for you!

UFO Cruiser Headlight features:

  • Lightweight With a New Streamlined Design
  • Made Exclusively of Polypropylene, Which Increases Both Its Life and Its Resistance to Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Easily Fixed to Any Off-Road Motorbike Model With Included Mounting Kit
  • Includes a 12V/35W Lamp
  • Approved for Road use
  • Meets European Safety Regulations
  • Available in choice of 7 colours
  • Made in Italy

We also offer Just the Replacement Lamp Part No FR01712

Buy UFO Universal Headlights for MX Enduro Bikes from MD Racing Products, A leading distributor for Motocross gear, parts and accessories offering some of the most competitive prices in the industry since 1983. We are a family business that's dedicated to the motocross industry, You Ride it? We can supply it!




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UFO is a leading manufacturer of clothing, protection, plastics, accessories and spare parts for motocross. Their commitment to developing and combining the best materials with the latest technology is what makes UFO a leader in the World of MX.
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