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Spring 2022
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100% Accuri 2 Donut Jett Lawrence Goggle - Mirror Pink lens - Ride 100%

The revised Accuri 2 Goggles from 100% add a series of improvements to the original Accuri Goggle. Goggle lenses are constructed from high-impact Lexan and receive a fog resistant coating for added clarity. A triple-layer closed-cell foam eye-port seals out the elements with supreme comfort. The re-engineered lens retention system maintains the company's nine pin design - the highest in the industry.

Headlining the expanded Accuri 2 range is the much-anticipated “Donut” colorway, inspired by newly crowned 250MX Champion Jett Lawrence and initially drafted through the #ColorIt100Percent online contest. The distinct pink, white and sprinkle-covered goggle is available in adult and youth sizes, with both mirror lens and clear lens options.

Whether you are on the track or the trail, 100% has the best motocross goggles for you.

To simplify the overall ownership experience, lenses are totally interchangeable between goggles in the 100% line-up, including the Accuri 2, Racecraft 2 and Strata 2 models. The goggle strap's wide 45mm size is lined heavily with silicon grippers to guarantee perfect placement.

The Accuri 2 returns to set the benchmark for a premium performance goggle. Delivering utmost protection, visibility and comfort for sight to line while performing, with an ever wider field of view that ever before.

The Accuri sets the benchmark for premium performance at an obtainable price allowing you to silently focus on your competition.

Our collection of 100% Accuri 2 Dirt Bike and MTB Goggles are made from premium materials for superior performance so you can give 100% no matter your sport.

100% Accuri 2 Goggle features:

  • 17.5% larger vertical field of view than Gen 1 for unmatched vision.
  • Improved nose fitment derived from the revolutionary Armega for optimal comfort.
  • Supports triple post tear-off’s for secure fitment.
  • Ultra-thick Plush triple layer face foam soaks up sweat.
  • Anti-fog coated polycarbonate lens for clear vision
  • 9-point lens retention system secures lens in frame
  • Slash logo embellishment adds detail.
  • Easily upgrades to a pre-curved injected shield lens.
  • 45mm wide strap with silicon backing to eliminate slippage.
  • Racecraft 2/Accuri 2/Strata 2 utilize same lens and tear-off’s.
  • Performance/Activity: Moto / Enduro / ATV / Quad / Kart Racing / Downhill MTB / Car Racing / Off-Road
  • Type: Protective Goggles

What's in the box:

  • Mirror Lens models get an extra clear lens and a sublimated microfibre bag.

About 100%

100%, based in San Diego, California, is an independent premium sports brand with a focus in performance eyewear, technical apparel, and sports protection. Today's athletes need the best performance technologies and gear to compete at the top of their game. 100% provides them with everything they need to succeed.

The 100% brand is quickly becoming the leading motocross goggle brand. Their simple question - "How much effort do you give?" - resonates with racers of all generations and embodies what the sport is all about. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work to succeed in motocross, and if you're not willing to give it your all, then maybe it's not the sport for you.

100% Percent Goggles have the edge over the competition for many reasons. Affordable price points, industry leading tech features, wicked styles and fresh colourways all add up to a complete range of goggles, but it's the cross compatibility between the different styles that really sets these goggles apart. Their lenses and tear off's are interchangeable across the Racecraft2 goggles, Accuri2 goggles and Strata2 goggles, meaning no matter the conditions, no matter what gear set up you're running, there's a set of 100% MX goggles to suit exactly what you need!

Aside from their goggles and accessories, 100% specialise in several other areas, and one of the biggest is their huge range of MX and MTB gloves. With five specific styles designed to meet specific rider needs, 100% Gloves offer some of the best gloves in the Moto and MTB markets at extremely affordable prices.

With broad ranges of I-Track gloves, Ridefit gloves, Airmatic gloves, Celium gloves and Sling gloves, 100% offer a wide variety of styles and designs that are sure to meet your requirements no matter what kind of riding you do. With the Airmatic and I-Track styles also coming in both adult and kids sizes, there's something here for the whole family. Get your hands in a set today and don't hesitate to get them out on the track and trails.

Ensuring your style needs are met both on and off the track, they also offer a wide range of 100% Clothing to make sure you look just as good in the pits as you do on the track. Covering everything from tee's to hoodies and snapbacks to socks, 100% know how to look fresh. Cooper Webb, Jett Lawrence, Marvin Musquinn, Gautier Paulin and Jeremy Martin rock the 100% threads, so you should too!

Buy 100 goggles from MD Racing, a leading distributor for off-road Motocross gear, parts and accessories. We are a family business that's dedicated to the motocross industry.

Spring 2022
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Spring 2022
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Founded in the early 1980's, the rise of 100% into Moto fame is a classic 'rags-to-riches' story. With just 100 dollars, a head full of ideas and total passion for Motocross, Drew Lien grew the business from a hobby into a brand synonymous with performance. They dedicate themselves to the sport, continually inspiring new generations of motocross enthusiasts. All their gear is battle tested and will last ages. Used and trusted by some of the best athletes around, such as Dean Wilson.
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