Silkolene RHINO 140 Classic Gear Oil Vintage Veteran Gear Box 4 Litres

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Silkolene RHINO 140 Classic Gear Oil in 4 Litres is a multi-purpose mild EP gear oil for use in most types of sliding pinion gearboxes. It is particularly suited for
use in light to moderately loaded reduction gears,worm gears and certain bevel gears.

Rhino 140 Gear oil is widely used in the transmission and final drives of certain older cars and commercial vehicles where its viscosity and lower EP activity are appropriate. Fully compatible with bronze or brass gears, bushes and bearing cages.

Silkolene Classic RHINO 140 comes with many benefits:

  • Suitable for many veteran, vintage and early classic vehicle applications.
  • Fully compatible with bronze or brass gears, bushes and bearing cages.
  • Will not attack bronze gears and bearings even at temperatures exceeding 100°C.
  • Heavy duty, Bronze compatible gear oil for ‘crash’ boxes.
  • Classic Engine Oil.
  • 4 Litre Classic Can

Technical specifications:

  • SAE 140 EP Gear Oil.
  • API GL3.

Why Silkolene Classic Oils?

Silkolene Classic oils are blended using modern base stocks and additives to suit the requirements of older motorcycles, car, and other vintage engines. For general use and compertition engines.

Such cherished vechicles deserve these high quality lubricants to preserve and protect valuable ciomponents and ensure faultless performance. Viscosity levels are chosen to match the grades recommended by manufactures in the earlier years of the 20th century, but silkolene classics are precisely controlled products manufactured to internationally recognised specifications which offer extra benefits to the vintag or classic enthusiast.

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The Silkolene range of motorcycle lubricants is one of the largest available. This means that there is a product to suit you, whatever type of bike you have and whatever you use it for. Silkolene lubricants are constantly developed with race teams at the highest level of competition to ensure that they can deal with the greatest levels of stress that a motorcycle will ever endure.
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