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Protection & Armour

  • UFO ultimate protection

    Its special features include spontaneous response, highest comfort and unique damping performance with excellent nearly linear energy absorption. A very special micro structure of the SAS-TEC foam is responsible for an adaptive damping behavior – the higher the speed of the impact, the higher the resistance of the foam.

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    UFO Protection & Armour

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Keep safe with the latest motocross protection products, including chest protectors, kidney belts, body armour, elbow pads, neck braces and knee guards.

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    UFO Demon MX Body Belt for Adults. This item is a best-seller in the line especially designed for motocross racers.

  • chest protection category

    Stay safe on the motocross track with our range of high performance chest protectors including hard shell and SAS-TEC soft shell options.

  • Kidney belts category

    Specifically designed for motocross and enduro, we’ve hand-picked this range of UFO kidney belts, made in Italy and available in 6 colourways.

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    Neck support
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  • body armour category

    UFO’s high quality body armour, featuring the SAS-TEC body protection system has been designed specifically motocross and enduro riders. Don’t ride without it.

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  • elbow pads category

    Your elbows are always first in the firing line when you make a mistake. Protect them with UFO motocross elbow guards, featuring hard and soft shell SAS-TEC systems.

  • neck braces category

    Our range of lightweight, superior race collars and neck braces can mean the difference between a minor injury and a disaster. Don’t risk it!

  • knee braces category

    Your knees will always come off worst, even in the smallest accidents. Protect them with UFO motocross knee guards and knee braces.

Be safe with the world leading UFO protection systems and armour